Transport Canada certifies simulators at Helicopter Flight Training Center

Since opening in 2012, the Helicopter Flight Training Center has hosted several global customers for state-of-the-art flight and maintenance training. Canadians will now join the list of international customers due to the recent Transport Canada certification of the training center’s EC135 Level D full motion simulator and AS350 Level 7 flight training device.

Transport Canada is the regulatory agency responsible for transportation policies and programs in Canada. The FAA and Transport Canada share a bilateral agreement for the certification of simulators, allowing certification by one agency when it has previously been approved by the other. The FAA originally certified the AS350 in the fall of 2013, and the EC135 was certified in the summer of 2014.

Canadian customers will receive the full training credit for the use of the simulators at the Helicopter Flight Training Center. Phoenix Heli-Flight will be the first Canadian customer, and is scheduled for training in the EC135 in October.