EC135 Simulator Receives FAA Stamp of Approval

Since installing the EC135 Level D Full Motion Simulator at the Helicopter Flight Training Center this spring, pilots and technicians were busy testing the system and preparing it for certification. Although the simulator was certified at its previous location, FlightSafety International’s DFW facility, it had to receive FAA certification once again at its new base in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The EC135 simulator was recently certified Level D and has already provided over 120 hours of training time for Metro Aviation pilots. Additional customers started training in the simulator in July. In addition to aircraft specific training, the simulator is a great tool for honing IFR and NVG skills, and also allows for pilots to complete FAA-approved check rides.

“We are pleased to welcome all our customers to the Helicopter Flight Training Center. It is exciting to see all the operators that have now added simulation to their training programs,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry. “The industry has raised the standard and recognized the value of scenario based training in simulators.”

The Helicopter Flight Training Center also houses an AS350 Level 7 Flight Training Device (FTD), and both simulators are available for dry lease. “There is additional space in the center for a second FTD as well as a Level D full motion simulator,” said Managing Director Milton Geltz. “Negotiations are ongoing to fill those space within the next 24-36 months.”