Helicopter Flight Training Center Welcomes Med-Trans as Launch Customer

Metro Aviation is pleased to announce Med-Trans Corporation as the launch customer for simulator training at the Helicopter Flight Training Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. Med-Trans Corporation recently agreed to a four-year training agreement utilizing the AS350 Level 7 Flight Training Device and EC135 Level D Full Motion Simulator.

“We are excited about bringing more emphasis to safety in the helicopter industry through the training center,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry. “We have a lot of history with Med-Trans and this is just one more step toward providing safer operations for their employees and customers.”

Metro Aviation and Med-Trans have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for several years. Not only does Metro provide completion services for Med-Trans, but the two industry leaders also partner on helicopter operations. Both company presidents are also highly involved in the helicopter community, and this year Stanberry will pass the reigns to Buttrell as the Chairman of the Air Medical Operators Association.